Container Transport

Container transport is our business.

We transport your containers professionally, on the fastest route, with the right means of transport, smoothly and perfectly to their destination, regardless where they are located – via Hamburg and Rostock, to Germany and Europe.

Dirk Krause is on the road for you.

Local and long-distance traffic

  • Our fleet: 46 tractor units
  • Overseas containers: 20“, 40“, 45“ with IMO number
  • Bulk container with tilting chassis: 20“, 40“
  • Heavy load transport:

    20“, 40“, 45“ up to 50 t total weight per container;
    20“ up to 58 t total weight per container

Waste transport

  • We transport all kinds of waste – including

    hazardous waste with bulk conainer and tipper chassis in the sizes 20“, 30“ and 40“.
    We are certified for all waste transports.

Special & dangerous goods transport

  • Oversized items with advice, equipment, suitable tractor or transport chassis
  • Certifications for the following dangerous goods class
  • ADR equipment, ADR certificate
  • Cat-3 transport and rolling stock

Logistics & Service

We can do more for you.

Containers of all sizes, transport of all kinds, services such as weighing or GPS tracking – there’s more to it with Dirk Krause: all services around your container, including personal advice, logistics or full service.
Because Dirk Krause ensures fast, safe and reliable movement.


  • End-to-end container logistics
  • Full load or general cargo
  • Single, repeated or shuttle transports
  • Express or direct journeys
  • Transshipment traffic, connection to multimodal traffic road, rail, water


  • Weighing service for export and import containers
  • Data transmission according to SOLAS-VGM
  • Customs clearance
  • Gas flushing of export and import containers
  • GPS tracking for cargo tracking
  • complete solutions

Container Storage

We have air for a stop.

If your container does not fit into your disposition, we can also temporarily store it. Places near the port offer you the necessary space. Forklift trucks or reach stackers from 3 to 45 tons ensure quick handling without significant noise and exhaust fumes.
Dirk Krause always has space for your containers.

Storage of overseas containers

  • Hamburg location
    • Flexible space to avoid expensive storage fees
    • 2 storage places up to 15.000 qm
    • 2 fumigation stations for 60 overseas containers each
    • 4 reach stackers in two-shift operation
  • Location Bentwisch
    • Transshipment point for import and export containers
    • Stacker-ready import and export goods for Rostock/Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
    • Stacker for 3 t to 33 t for piece goods
    • Reach stacker up to 45 t

Container handling

We bridge the interfaces in freight traffic.

Goods traffic to and from overseas is booming. General cargo is almost exclusively transported in standardized large containers. Terminals move containers full speed ahead 24/7. We transport containers by road, rail or water.
Dirk Krause gets to work – quickly and flexibly.

Handling of overseas containers

  • Location Bentwisch
  • Transshipment point for import containers
  • Stacker-ready import goods for Rostock/Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
  • Stacker for 3 t to 33 t for piece goods
  • Reach stackers up to 45 t for goods in containers

Container trade

We also have empty boxes.

Over 10 million standard containers are shipped through the ports of Hamburg and Rostock every year. However, the demand for empty large containers is increasing with the growing traffic of goods.
Dirk Krause transports containers and delivers empty boxes.

Container trade

  • Purchase and sale
  • Mediation
  • Service and repair
  • Goods turnover

Branch office Rostock

Am Campus 21
18182 Bentwisch
T +49–381–202603-70
F +49–381–202603-77

Opening hours

Mo–Fr  7–18 Uhr

Container Trade

Contact person:
Daniel Kleemann „Paul“
Warehouse & Fleet Manager
T +49–381–202603-70
M +49–170–3737001
F +49–381–202603-77

Branch office Hamburg

Vollhöfner Weiden 15
21129 Hamburg
T +49–40–7560136-0
F +49–40–7560136-33

Opening hours

Mo–Fr  7–17 Uhr

Stockyard Hamburg

Am Travehafen 1
20457 Hamburg
M +49–170–8841393

Opening hours

Mo–Fr  6–20 Uhr